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E-discovery & litigation support news round-up

Legal Inc discloses new podcast series

Litigation support
and technology specialist Legal Inc has launched a new podcast series – called IncSpots – kicking
off with an introduction to edisclosure featuring leading industry commentator
Chris Dale. The comprehensive
overview will run over ten episodes of IncSpots, and will include items on the
Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), the practice direction, seminal cases such as
Digicel and Abela, how to prepare for case management conferences, the use of
external suppliers, best practice, problem areas, global trends and pending
developments within the disclosure arena. Legal Inc director
Lisa Burton is joined by head of the eDisclosure Information Project, Chris
Dale, for all ten episodes as they offer their respective thoughts on each
issue, Lisa drawing on her practical experience at the coal-face to add to
Chris’s in-depth, incisive understanding of the subject.


Commenting on the
new podcast, Lisa Burton said: “edisclosure is becoming an increasingly hot
topic, with conferences, articles and blogs discussing and debating the
complexities and finer points. But we thought it would be useful to start off
by taking a step back and providing a basic grounding on where exactly we are
at, where we are heading, obligations and requirements, mechanics and
methodologies and some honest appraisal of where the reality is falling short
of the rule-book, where the practice is not quite in accordance with the
theory. We also aim to
provide some pragmatic advice on how to deal with the CPR and practice
direction, how best to avoid some of the common pitfalls of the disclosure
process, and how to leverage the expertise of external consultants and support

• The first two
episodes of IncSpots can be downloaded now from the Legal Inc website  – these and future
episodes will also be available shortly via iTunes.

The Masters Conference gets a new cabinet

The Masters Conference has appointed new cabinet members following the organization’s annual conference held in October. Newly appointed to the cabinet were Shawnna Childress, Chris Dale and Rob Lee. Cabinet members for the Masters Conference include:
• Christopher A. Byrne, Former Assistant Director, Division of Liquidation, FDIC
• Shawnna Childress, Director at LECG and co-author of the book, eDiscovery Plain & Simple
• Chris Dale of the UK’s e-Disclosure Information Project
• Ronald Hedges, Former United States Magistrate Judge, District of New Jersey
• Robert Lee, Faculty at SANS Institute and co-author of the book, Know your Enemy
• Fernando Pinguelo, Partner & Co-Chair of Response to Electronic Discovery & Information Group (REDI), Norris McLaughlin & Marcus
• Dan Regard, Principal, iDiscovery Solutions, Inc.

Autonomy unveils new collection-to-the-cloud solution for e-discovery & compliance
Autonomy has announced the availability of a next-generation collection solution for e-discovery and compliance. The solution uses a scalable, distributed model to automatically search, identify, preserve and collect relevant electronically-stored information (ESI) to the cloud from laptops, desktops and more than 400 enterprise repositories, including file and email servers, archives, and Microsoft SharePoint. Collected ESI is then stored in Autonomy's secure, cloud-based archive, enabling organizations to perform defensible and systemized preservation and collection in the shortest amount of time to meet the preservation obligation. This new solution, which is a key part of Autonomy’s Legal Hold solution suite, enables global organizations to comply with data privacy laws around the world by ensuring that personal data that does not pertain to the legal case will not be collected. The new Autonomy collection solution enables global organizations to dramatically reduce both the risks and costs associated with the identification, collection and preservation of ESI, while ensuring compliance with government regulations, such as the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and the COBS 11.8 in the UK.
Autonomy say legacy technologies for preservation and collection of ESI require inefficient manual processes that involve significant personnel and IT investments. These technologies can neither scale nor meet the needs of counsel to quickly preserve, analyze and understand data within the timelines set under the FRCP and other regulations. The challenge of legal hold, preservation and collection is further compounded by a global, distributed workforce, because legacy solutions cannot effectively identify and collect data without a continuous, high-bandwidth connection. In contrast, the new Autonomy collection solution is the first in the industry that allows organizations to intelligently analyze and pre-cull data in-place with advanced conceptual search capability and then collect the relevant data directly to the cloud. It securely identifies data sources, distributes client software, and preserves and collects a forensically sound copy of relevant information directly to Autonomy’s secure cloud-based archive, the Digital Safe. With Safe Harbor certification and data centers in both the United States and United Kingdom, Autonomy offers unmatched flexibility in the cloud.

E-discovery event in New York in December

Legal IQ and IQPC's 8th eDiscovery Event takes place December 7-to-9, 2009 at the Altman Building in New York. The event's speaker faculty come from recognized companies including Accenture, Aramark, Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina, Boehringer Ingelheim, General Electric, NBC Universal, Pfizer, Inc., Philips North America, Thomson Reuters, Samsung Electronics America, Wyeth and more. They will be leading sessions on:
• Organizing an Effective Records Management Program
• Proactive Pre-Litigation Strategies: The 3 C's – Competency, Candor and Cooperation
• Strategies for Controlling the Cost of Review in a Defensible Manner
• Rapid Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Achieving Cost Savings
• US Federal Rules Regarding ESI Versus Laws and Regulations in Other Countries
View the full program online at