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E-discovery News: Legal Inc makes hires, alliances & produces case study

Legal Inc, one of the main players in the UK litigation support and e-discovery/e-disclosure market has made a series of announcements…

• Legal Inc has announced a hosting and reseller agreement with information management specialist Digital Reef Inc (DRI). The move is a key part of Legal Inc’s strategy to provide clients with an end-to-end case management solution, starting at the earliest possible stage: a client’s data estate. The Digital Reef solution can be placed behind the corporate firewall or delivered on a fully managed, hosted basis. It enables clients to fully index, search and conduct a first pass review of all their data stores, with control remaining completely in-house rather than having to pass to an external law firm. Where the resultant data collection needs further analysis Legal Inc will offer a choice of processing and review tools, ensuring seamless management of the data life-cycle.

For corporates, the tie-up has the potential to unlock substantial time and cost savings while reducing risk. An in-house team’s ability to conduct its own intelligent search means that first pass legal review and case assessment are achievable without the need for expensive outside help; the use of a single tool for the search, cull and review phases simplifies and expedites the whole process as well as avoids the expense of large loading fees; while data for further analysis can be immediately processed by Legal Inc with due protection of the all-important chain of custody and data provenance.

Legal Inc’s founding director Lisa Burton comments: “With organizations seeing an increase not just in litigation but in regulatory investigations and enquiries, the emphasis is on proactively preparing for such an eventuality rather than reactively panicking when the knock at the door comes. With data estates sized in petabytes, and much of it unstructured, heads of legal need a proven means to get ‘order out of chaos’ and move to that desired state of ‘litigation readiness’. Digital Reef can drive that transformation in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner and we’ve yet to see a comparable solution challenge it. We now need to get the message out there that this is very much ‘must have’ technology, rather than ‘nice to have’. The stakes are too high for nice.”

• New hire: Legal Inc has  appointed Lee Reason as a Senior Project Manager. He joins from Mayer Brown International where he was Litigation Support Manager, having previously worked across corporate and commercial support departments at Linklaters. Lisa Burton comments: “This appointment is very much in keeping with our tradition of taking on people who bring not just technical expertise to the role but operational know-how and empathy forged by lengthy service at the legal coal-face. That makes for a professional but pragmatic approach, and one where the importance of the ‘process, people, technology’ equation is truly understood.”

• New case study: Legal Inc has published the first of a series of case studies that focuses on the sharp end of e-disclosure. Entitled Legal Inc and Clearwell – Cutting complex projects down to size it provides graphic illustration of just what is achievable in terms of data processing and review, and provides implicit encouragement for all those seeking equality of arms in regulatory, investigatory and litigation. Click link below to download a free copy of the report.

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