Our thanks to The Orange Rag reader who sent in this story…

With the increasing popularity of virtualization, I
thought you may be interested to see the email extract below.  If you can't
get to the link below, it will be because VMWare use their own software to host
parts of their own web site and they are also affected by the bug which is
causing parts of their own web site to be unavailable.  Eat your own dog

Separately, further to my
email of 21 July regarding the bug affecting a BES Server, Exchange Server 2007
and Out of Office messages, I can confirm that the Service Pack 6 for BES 4.1
does fix this issue.

Please be aware there is a major bug with VI
3,5 update 2 that doesn't allow customers to VMotion, resume or power on virtual
machines once the date reaches the 12 August. The bug appears as if it is
licensing issue.

“VMware support has a work around for this and is working
on a permanent solution.