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Eclipse gears up for new RTA claims regime

Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced its strategy for enabling practices to conform to the new RTA (Road Traffic Accident) guidelines.

In September 2009, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced the introduction of reforms to streamline the compensation system for low cost (between £1,000 and £10,000) RTA personal injury claims. These reforms will 'go live' on 6th April and will speed up the process of establishing liability and finalising claim payment. Claimant lawyers, insurers and compensators have worked in collaboration with the MoJ to develop and implement an electronic portal which supports these new processes.  Cases can be processed through the portal as of 6th April.

Working closely with IDSL (the body commissioned by the MoJ, responsible for managing the implementation of the new portal), Eclipse is developing workflows that will allow its Proclaim clients to utilise the “A2A” (Application-to-Application) system. A2A will utilise Web Services to enable seamless transfer of information between relevant parties. Proclaim is able to utilise Web Services as standard, and Eclipse will be offering the 'upgrade' to all of its RTA clients.

Eclipse has embarked upon an active programme of education and clarification for interested RTA practices, and is also headline sponsoring 2010's two major personal injury events – the Personal Injury Awards 2010 (taking place in the autumn) and the Claims Technology Awards 2010 (taking place on 6th May in Manchester).  A total of around 800 delegates are expected at the two events.

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Rest assured that many other software suppliers have been working with IDSL on the PI Reforms in order that their case management systems will work with the A2A requirements!

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