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Eclipse launch first ABS-specific case management systems

Eclipse Legal Systems has launched the UK market's first ABS-specific case management systems. The announcement comes as the SRA is processing applications from organisations all vying to be among the first to announce official ABS (alternative business structure) status – it is widely expected we will see the first tranche of live ABSs in the first quarter of this year. Eclipse Legal Systems has made available two new Proclaim Case Management Software systems, taking into account the unique requirements of ABS organisations.

1)    Proclaim ABS
Suitable for ABS organisations providing a wide range of consumer-based legal services, Proclaim ABS combines core Proclaim Case Management functionality with a choice of pre-prepared (and user-configurable) workflows.  Initial workflows available include conveyancing, personal injury claims, employment claims, matrimonial (family) disputes, probate and financial misselling.  Firms have the option to include any combination of these matter types within one fully integrated Case Management solution, providing centralised and instant access to client data across all service areas.

2)    Proclaim ABS PI
Designed specifically for organisations operating within the personal injury (PI) sector, Proclaim ABS PI integrates initial claim handling, personal injury litigation and links to medical reporting agencies in one centralised solution.  The personal injury sector is expected to see heavy ABS involvement, as existing claims management, personal injury and medical reporting firms join forces and consolidate as single entities to avoid falling foul of proposed referral fee bans.

Russell Thomson, Chief Business Executive at Eclipse, comments on the new products “The introduction of Alternative Business Structures brings a huge level of opportunity for both existing law firms and new market entrants. Our experience with a wide range of organisations in law, insurance and consumer services (including many forthcoming ABS entrants) has shown that these organisations demand software solutions specific to their needs. They will not make do with legacy legal management systems, nor will they wish to waste time with long and fruitless implementations of vanilla and toolkit systems. Our new Proclaim ABS and Proclaim ABS PI systems break the mould as far as legal services software is concerned, providing the perfect fit for firms that need fast implementation of a 100% integrated, firm-wide case management solution.”

3 replies on “Eclipse launch first ABS-specific case management systems”

Case management functionality and workflows hey? Erm… So what's actually new here bar a name? To be fair though, I'm sure tacking on 'ABS' to said product name took some significant development time.

Meeaow… give some milk to that rival IT vendor who didn't think of using the letters ABS in their case management system branding. Altho apparently latest veterinary thinking is giving cats milk is bad for them and you should only give them water. See, you learn something everyday on this site. …CC

Hmmm, cheap shot but understandable given the lack of defintion in the article.
However, it does beg the following questions:

What does an ABS enabled case mgmt system actually look like?

What are vendors doing to give them an edge in what is already a competitive market ?

Do vendors even care or are they all taking the same stance of many law firms who think the ABS world is not going to affect them?

I guess only time will tell as to what the actual software needs of an ABS are and what affect that has on the vendors. Guess the race is on to see who starts winning the ABS business.

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