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Ediscovery: a Tale of Two Predictive Coding Books

There’s an old joke about there never being a London bus around when you need one – and then two come along at once. And so it also seems to be the case with ediscovery books on ‘predictive coding’. Or, more precisely, Predictive Coding for Dummies books from publishers John Wiley & Sons.

…In the red corner we have Predictive Coding for Dummies Symantec Special Edition by Matthew D Nelson (ISBN: 978-1-118-48198-1)

…and in the green corner we have Predictive Coding for Dummies Recommind Special Edition. We think we might know the plot of the second book!

One reply on “Ediscovery: a Tale of Two Predictive Coding Books”

Thanks for mentioning our book Charles. I authored the book to help clarify the massive confusion that exists about PC so the legal community can move forward together more quickly, but also more intelligently and responsibly. Continued confusion will only delay widespread adoption of this promising technology because confusion results in misteps that slow adoption. Months of research and consultation with statisticians, industry experts like Ralph Losey, and our customers revealed that “predictive coding” means different things to different people, folks are confused about what constitutes a defensible workflow, statistical approaches are often misapplied, and organizations don’t know what questions to ask when evaluating different solutions. Our book addresses all of these topics in detail and discusses many of these issues in the context of recent case law decisions. For a free copy of our book, please feel free to visit our website:

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