KoreanEDDBookImageCatalyst Repository Systems just announced that the head of its South Korea office, Youngsoo Park, is the co-author with Jeongho Yoo of a just-published Korean-language book about e-discovery for business leaders. The book What Every Business Person Should Know about eDiscovery, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of e-discovery.

The book is only the second on e-discovery ever published in Korea and the first in which hands-on professionals explore the topic in depth. The authors cover the history and basics of e-discovery and then examine key topics and legal issues in e-discovery practice, both in the United States and Korea. They also explain several of the leading technology platforms for e-discovery, including Catalyst Insight. The book was published in March in Seoul by InfoTheBooks.com. Written in Korean, it can be ordered at www.kyobobook.co.kr

Park is considered one of the leading e-discovery experts in Korea. He joined Catalyst in 2013, when the company opened its first office in Seoul. He oversees the office and the expansion of Catalyst’s Asia-Pacific operations into South Korea. Co-author Yoo is the head of e-discovery, digital forensics and information security for a major corporation in Korea. He has served as an instructor in digital forensics for the Korea Police Investigation Agency, the Cyber Terror Response Center and the Korea Customs Service.