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Ediscovery meets one of the remotest islands on the planet

Question: what does Tristan da Cunha, one of the remotest islands on the planet, have to do with ediscovery? Read on…

Question: what does Tristan da Cunha, one of the remotest islands on the planet, have to do with ediscovery? Read on…

UHY Advisors’ eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Practice Group has announced the availability of Tristan Scout, a new tool designed to speed early case assessment processes through the rapid evaluation of computer contents and drive mappings, prior to collection actions.

“Early case assessment, and the gathering of critical technical details can often be the most difficult part of an eDiscovery process,” said Doug Herman, managing director, UHY Advisors FLVS Inc, “because identifying the scope of a collection can be time consuming and complex. Tristan Scout minimizes this collection assessment period by quickly grabbing critical information from a target computer’s hard drive and registry. With a simple execution, all critical information from a computer can be easily found, for a more rapid identification of the case’s collection scope. This frees attorneys to spend time on the legal issues associated with the matter, because they no longer need to communicate with IT teams to gather mundane technical details, before a collection can be performed.”

Executed from a thumb drive or after being downloaded to a target computer, Tristan Scout automatically collects necessary information from the hard drive(s) within the computer and the system’s registry file. The resulting report shows all the information that is needed to identify if the system contains contents that may need to be collected during a discovery event. This includes information about whether or not the system contains local email stores, what file shares the computer is mapped to, and a host of information about the target computer, including make/model, hard drive size, and volume of allocated data. Once the collection process is complete, Tristan Scout automatically expires and essentially dissolves from the computer it was installed on.

UHY Advisors has also announced the third-generation release of the Tristan remote electronic data collection kit designed to easily gather electronic data from desktop and laptop computers, no matter where they may be located. The new release now includes added security through AES-256 encryption and an enhanced user interface for streamlined deployment by even the most general computer users.

UHY say Tristan is an ideal secure collection solution for international investigations, collections that must be performed in geographically diverse locations, and domestic litigation. It has also been used to perform data preservation during corporate divestitures or layoffs where there is risk of employee data tampering prior to termination. Tristan has already been used as a remote collection solution in more than 32 countries. Third-generation Tristan kits are available now and are priced per imaged hard drive.

COMMENT: UHY named their remote collection tool after Tristan da Cunha, one of the world’s most remote islands. You can read more about the island here and the software company here