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Ediscovery news: InterLegis offer all-in pricing model

InterLegis, an innovator of litigation and electronic discovery technologies, today announced they are making their pricing structure for their Discovery360 Hosted solution even more predictable. Clients will now be charged a one-time, all-inclusive fee for all services related to eDiscovery services. By offering this model, legal teams can now accurately plan their budgets by knowing exactly how much their project will cost.

“We know how critical it is for our clients to be able to accurately predict and budget all costs associated with eDiscovery,” said Kevin Carr, President of InterLegis. “And because we offer an end-to-end solution – data processing, culling, review and production – our clients can fully engage in the discovery life cycle without being limited by unbudgeted expenses.”

The all-inclusive fee will include early case assessment, data processing, deduplication, DeNISTing, relevancy culling, reporting, and use of InterLegis’ cutting-edge technologies – all with responsive, white-glove service.  All processed data can be exported to common load file formats compatible with other review platforms, including: Concordance, Summation, and Relativity. Alternatively, this one-time fee can also include InterLegis’ optional Reviewer module and all associated productions.

InterLegis has also announced the release of its newest high-speed in-house software, Discovery360 Enterprise. Discovery360 Enterprise can be cost-effectively licensed to corporations, law firms and litigation service providers to protect data internally and perform unlimited eDiscovery early case assessment, processing, culling and/or review in a networked, multi-threaded environment.

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