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Ediscovery webinar – turning Japanese with predictive coding

Catalyst Secure on using Predictive Coding to Reduce E-Discovery Costs for Cases with Japanese, Chinese and Korean documents – 29 November, 2012 – 1:00pm EST

Attorney review and translation of Japanese and other Asian-language documents can be a money pit. Qualified attorneys proficient in these languages are hard to find and expensive to retain. In most e-discovery, human review accounts for 75% of the total cost. The costs skyrocket when multilingual review is required. Many law firms and companies are exploring alternatives to manual review, both to save money and meet tight deadlines.

Predictive coding provides a remedy for the high cost of multilingual review. Using advanced algorithms and statistical techniques, predictive coding reduces document sets and targets key documents for review. Join us for this webinar in which our experts will discuss advanced predictive coding and demonstrate how it can reduce e-discovery costs in cases involving Japanese and other Asian-language documents.

Topics will include:
•    Special problems in working with Japanese, Chinese and Korean (CJK) documents.
•    Why legal teams need predictive coding.
•    A brief introduction to predictive coding—how it works and what it does.
•    The law of predictive coding—what are the courts and academics saying?
•    How to use predictive coding with Japanese and other Asian-language documents.
•    Tips, tricks and best practices to maximize predictive coding’s effectiveness.
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