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Editor’s Pick: catch this webinar today – a challenge to TR’s Deal Proof ?

Microsystems is hosting a couple of webinars today (18th June) – An Introduction to EagleEye the Agreement Checker – to present their newest software product which is designed to enhance the drafting and review of legal agreements by using automation to check for defined terms, inconsistent phrases, internal and external references and punctuation to ensure an agreement’s completeness, accuracy, consistency and lack of ambiguity. The UK time-friendly session is at 2:00pm this afternoon (altho there is another one at 6:00pm).

COMMENT: We’ve had a sneak preview of EagleEye and like what we see. It automates the painstaking task of verifying  legal agreements are free from ambiguity and inconsistencies by checking for undefined or inconsistently defined terms and phrases. EagleEye also checks references and identifies legal specific punctuation errors, such as missing closed quotation mark or parenthesis.

A number of UK, US and Canadian firms have already tested EagleEye on a wide-variety of actual firm documents, both short and exceptionally long. Microsystems say they were impressed by how quickly EagleEye was able to identify and present a list of content issues that, if left unfixed, could cause reputational and legal risk. Microsystems say EagleEye is one of those game changing solutions that lawyers may actually like.

We’re not sure lawyers ever ‘like’ IT but it certainly looks to be a no-brainer in terms of solving a problem that otherwise would take hours to fix by having people manually proof-read a document. It also looks like it is going to give Thomson Reuters a run for their money with their new Deal Proof product – particularly as EagleEye is competitively priced and, at least according to Microsystems, a superior product. Let the competition begin.


Session 1
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT
(2:00 PM BST)

Session 2
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
(9:00 AM PDT)

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