South West-based family law firm Hartnell Chanot & Partners has selected Egress Switch from Egress Software Technologies to provide a secure and encrypted file transfer platform for sharing confidential information with clients and external third-parties.

Prior to deploying Switch, the firm had relied on less secure methods for transferring large files. Not only was this a data security concern, but as multiple products were being used, it was difficult for the IT department to manage and control where information was being shared. As a result, auditing issues arose as there was no efficient way of tracking the flow of information in and out of the organisation, which if left unchecked, could have led to a data breach and compliancy concerns, particularly in the wake of the recent legislative changes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

“When selecting an encryption product, we were looking to secure and streamline our information sharing process,” explains Scott Rose, IT Manager for Hartnell Chanot & Partners. “As our solicitors communicate with a variety of third parties about highly confidential information, we needed a solution that not only protected that data but also allowed us to track, audit and control its flow in and out of the firm.

“Switch has enhanced the way we share confidential information,” Scott Rose continues. “Not only does it provide a comprehensive solution for securing data – whether you’re sharing via email, large file transfer or removable media – it also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, removing the need for users to have multiple accounts on different systems depending on the type and size of the information being shared.”

Commenting on the announcement, UK Sales Manager Kelly McCann stated: “We are delighted that Hartnell Chanot & Partners have chosen Switch as their email and file encryption solution. Following recent legislation from the SRA mandating all professional services firms nominate or employ a compliance officer, we are seeing an increasing number of our clients making information security a key priority. Without clear security policies and investment in the right technology, firms risk substantial regulatory fines and reputational damage.”

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