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Eleventh Hour brings discovery management framework to service offering

Eleventh Hour, a provider of litigation support and ediscovery solutions to law firms and corporate law departments, is offering a new service – Discovery Management Framework (DMF) – for law firms seeking to standardize their discovery approach and documentation.

DMF is a jump-start discovery approach designed to assist legal teams with implementation of defensible discovery processes for litigation. DMF is a three-part program that: (1) helps examine current discovery practices; (2) offers best practice discovery processes, procedures and documentation; and (3) shares new discovery standards with legal teams in an easy-to-understand presentation format. For more impact, the DMF jump-start program may include a presentation for legal teams that underscores the lawyer’s legal obligations and outlines legal team responsibilities.

Eleventh Hour’s DMF offers law firms quick start procedures and documentation that covers key discovery stages and processes, including data intake and distribution, communication, quality control, data organization, data processing, and document review and production standards. In addition, DMF delivers chain of custody and client evidence inventory tracking documentation.

“As courts continue to weigh in on discovery defensibility issues, it makes sense for law firms to adopt a standard discovery practice that can be applied proportionally by the legal team to a particular litigation case,” stated Alice Burns, managing director of Eleventh Hour. “Discovery Management Framework is the advantage legal teams require to demonstrate good governance over the discovery process.”

“Leading law firms who have used DMF to standardize their discovery approach have won new business,” continued Burns. “Corporate counsel want to know their legal team uses a proven discovery approach. Also, judges nod approvingly when lawyers demonstrate use of a good discovery approach.”

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