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Elite and A&O issue progress report

Elite and Allen & Overy (the A&O spokesman is Campbell McIlroy) have issued a progress report on the status of the Elite 3E implementation. It reads…

Elite 3E implementation at Allen & Overy progressing well. 
Go-live re-scheduled to take place following financial year-end.

As a $2 billion firm with 29 offices located throughout 21 countries, and with over 2600 lawyers, the Elite 3E implementation at Allen & Overy represents one of the largest global law firm financial & practice management roll-outs of its kind, and with its ‘big bang’ approach is both complex and impressive.
Both parties are pleased with progress, however have mutually agreed to re-schedule go-live to allow Elite more time to fine tune some of the highly complex functionality required by a large law firm such as Allen & Overy, as well as to avoid any disruption during the last four months of the financial year.
Added to this fact, Elite Enterprise is working well at Allen & Overy and there is therefore no rush as the goal remains to ensure roll-out is a seamless success from day one. The project will deliver significantly improved functionality and Allen & Overy partners and accounts staff are excited by what they have already seen.  

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Interesting comments, not quite the word on the street! However if it makes them feel all safe and warm what the hell. Wonder what the next press release on this one will bring.

If Thomson Elite can't get their flagship 3E site up and running, what hope for the rest way down at the bottom of the importance league table?

The reality is that any new sophisticated business software package that spans multiple business functions and employs new technologies will take some time to complete and then bed down in actual implementation. Despite vendor hype, Law firms should be and on the whole are, realistic about that today and it's only the software vendor marketeers that tend to get caught up in ham-fisted bun-fights about 'time to implement' and 'number of go-lives'. These systems represent ten or even twenty year investments to law firms – better to take the time to get things right at the beginning and not be spooked by marketeers or industry chatter. Speed is not always of the essence – unless you just want a basic like-for-like replacement with a few more bells & whistles. A&O should be congratulated for their visionary approach.

I'm not sure re-scheduling a project can ever be described as a “visionary approach” to congratulate. Fact is, a project as large as this is always likely to evolve, particularly in view of the nature of this type of technology. If there is no burning date that must be hit, then why take the risk to rush a high profile project and risk key business processes? Strikes me as a demonstration of common sense more than anything else.
It would have been a more startling press release if it said that the project was going to implement to the planned date!!

I would imagine the next press release will be of a successful deployment of 3E — news on the street is that A&O will be doing some very creative things with 3E and their planned global big bang deployment shows confidence in both Elite and the software.

Congratulations to all involved for the fact that the client and the vendor are being transparent regarding this for the market. 'Tis a brave and selfless act, and we should recognise that they are certainly under no obligation to release to such information to the market in a formal way, so bravo for raising the bar (especially when the vendor would know that the sharks are circling).
Although slightly sad for those firms waiting in line to act post-A&O, we don't believe that this indicates all doom and gloom – expect a more “happy” press release soon from Elite regarding a new 3E site going live in the APAC region.
News has it that Maurice Blackburn Cashman has successfully migrated off the Elite Enterprise application this week and onto the 3E platform. Much smaller and less complex obviously, but progress none the less.

As the CFO of Maurice Blackburn I think I am qualified to comment on 3E if not A&O.
Our project ran for 9 months several of them tortous. We went through a version upgrade 2 patches and several “hot fixes”. We persisted because we were confident this product was the right fit for our non standard business and we investsed heavily in work flow development.
Having gone live last Friday it is probably too early to claim complete victory, however the results so far are extremely encouraging.
If there is any strategic talent within Thomson Elite, this product will dominate the Australian legal industry over the next few years.

I think we were all, and stuff the non-independent neysayers, hoping for an arrival in time with the expected schedule…
Not to be perhaps, but a healthy delivery is better for all the market and for A&O in particular.
No need for a 'too posh too push' approach in this arena…

Is this the same independent Saturn27 who has one product detailed on their website. An add-on for Elite!
That's the sort of independence I like to see.

“Is this the same independent Saturn27 who has one product detailed on their website. An add-on for Elite!”
Exactly the same … you know, the same folks who announced a non-exclusive partnership with ADERANT in July and who are doing work for them and their clients… while still working with multiple large Elite clients, as well as Axxia sites and others.
And who announced their partnership with Handshake last month which works with all the PMS products (oh, and great SharePoint/DM integration too).
That's the sort of independence I like to see. The type that lets you focus on client needs irrespective of vendor, but while still having great relationships with the vendors. The type that also lets me put my name to postings.
(oh – and by the way, the i-balance add-on for Elite is great)

Anonymous says …”That's GOLD Jerry. GOLD.”
I'm not sure how to receive tthat comment …
It's nice to know that an anonymous Jerry Springer fan also loves Spandau Ballet and has enjoyed the games in Beijing and loves ABBA …
If only we knew who they were …
So far the “Anonymous” postings on the Orange Rag are winning all the medals… Vendor folks possibly?
C'mon Folks … all the Anonymous people amongst you… You must surely know who you are and who you work for?
Feeling too frightened to put a name to a posting?
Perhaps Charles should do a new award?
The Best Posting by a Coward?
You could all share it …

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