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Elite say 'we still dominate Big Law in the US'

Elite has just released figures showing that a large majority of the AmLaw top 100 and 200 US law firms are customers of its financial and practice management software solutions. Based on the 2009 results, Elite customers account for 64% of the Top 50, 70% of the Top 100 and 65% of the Top 200. Elite add that their market share “is more than double that of its closest competitor.” Elite also say “the market share looks the core financial systems installation. If they don’t use Elite for their primary finance and accounts systems, we don’t count them. Many vendor statistics muddle the data by counting a customer if they have any of a company’s products purchased or if a small acquired office still has their system.  We believe that to be a misleading way to count the market share of the financial practice management applications. It’s always important to make this explicit clarification.”

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Are these figures an increase or decrease on previous years? Are there similar figures for other regions such as UK and APAC?

for the UK, I suggest you look at the Legal Technology Insider website. Link there to a spreadsheet of the top 250 firms in UK and Ireland and systems they use. (Surprised you did not advertise yourself earlier, Charles!) And Elite dominate there as well.

Far too modest 😉 Actually we're in the throes of updating the 250 to reflect the changing fortunes of firms during the recession – we'll also be adding some new columns – CC

I'd just like to mention that the word 'Dominate' and 'Elite' in the headline was not what I'd intended my search engine to find …
Now I'm stuck with the vision of a Managing Partner over a desk whilst some PVC clad PMS salesperson asks “Who the (alleged) Daddy is” …

Time to revive the old story from the Insider about 10 years ago when Resolution Systems had a product called FirmControl – unfortunately at that time the website belonged to an S&M dominatrix in San Francisco.

Just remember that for many years WordPerfect still “dominated” the legal WP installed base whilst MS Word was the only product being bought. A more interesting counter that Charles could keep on his site would be new deals signed in, say, a rolling 24 month period. That would show current trends alongside historic states.

Elite has only had a presence in APAC for about 6 years so are not yet the dominant player in that market where the top end is mostly Aderant and the bottom end mostly Locus. They are winning the lion's share of the business though with something like new 30 clients in that time, so if Elite continues their success down there we'll probably see the stats start to look more like the UK and US a few years from now.

That simply isn't true. They even had a permanent rep move there from the US in the 90s (Tom Platt I believe was his name). So they have been working that region as long as most others.

Which evolved into FirmWare©, which even now continues to keep potentially unruly figures shapely and is soon to be available in plus plus sizes (64 and up!)

The purchasing trend is more interesting than current volume. Taking CC figures from the last couple of years this can be easily deduced. Also if the intent is to see the strength of the offerings and where there is no technical upgrade between the old and new versions of the product this should also be considered in compiling the stats.

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