Cary Burch*, the newly appointed managing director of Thomson Reuters Elite, has outlined his plans for the future…

“I look forward to leading Elite and exploring the great potential that I see for this organization. We’ve achieved some impressive results in the first half of this year, thanks to your hard work. In my new role, I’ll be focusing on continuing our continuity and growth momentum. Our growth strategy focuses on five key areas:

• growing our portfolio in our core markets;

• delivering an Enterprise Business Management solution;

• expanding our product portfolio to deliver new products;

• expanding our mid-market and global footprint;

• and collaboration and integrating with other Thomson Reuters offerings to provide law firms with a complete solution.

“As we move into 2013, you’ll be hearing more from me on our specific plans in these areas. We have a strong team in place at Elite and I am excited to lead such a dynamic organization. I look forward to working with each of you as we focus on making Elite – Bigger, Bolder and Faster!”

* Pictured here in an informal pose in Thomson Reuters’ orange