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Email – ooo, there's a lot of it about, say surveys

Following on from yesterday's survey on e-disclosure from KPMG, we've had two more email/e-discovery related stories hit our desktop.

The first is from a company called Securecoms on the subject of email security, encryption and interception. According to their survey…

• On average, more than half the emails sent by law firms contain confidential information.

• Email is considered the second least confidential way of communicating information – 82% of those asked were aware it passes through many places before the recipient actually receives it. Fax is thought of as the least confidential because there is no guarantee that the person it is sent to will be the only person who sees it.

• Almost half thought that their existing anti-virus/anti-spam software covered confidentiality, although on further questioning it emerged that well over 90% of these were mistaken in their belief. 20% didn’t know whether or not their software covered email confidentiality.

• 45% of lawyers thought that email security was a priority, but only 20% thought that there was a straightforward software solution available.

And, an email storage integrator called B2Net, riding on the coat-tails of the KPMG story, said that because it can cost so much to deal with email messages in the e-discovery process “it makes sound financial sense for businesses to keep legal hours to a minimum by ensuring that all required information is easily located and quickly retrieved…  Businesses will increasingly look to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) techniques and technologies to help them better evaluate, categorise and locate their unstructured data throughout its whole lifecycle. It is much more cost-effective to invest in ILM now, so you are guaranteed the quick retrieval of your data at all times, rather than having to pay hundreds, possibly thousands of man-hours searching for that ‘smoking-gun’ whenever a regulatory or litigious issue arises”.

• The announcement was headed “Email is the scourge of compliance” and just to emphasise the point, B2Net's PR agency sent us 3 copies of the press release.

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How nice of Securecoms to publish this independent survey. I wonder if they might be able to advise of any companies that have software for sale that can assist with these difficulties!

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