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Empire Discovery adopts OrcaTec’s predictive coding

Empire Discovery, a provider of full service end-to-end litigation support for law firms and corporations, today announced the adoption of automated predictive review technology through a partnership with OrcaTec, the Atlanta-based developer of unique, proven, patented ediscovery technology tools. The partnership and adoption of OrcaTec’s predictive coding technology immediately enables Empire to deliver automated first pass review and early case assessment to clients as part of its complete portfolio of electronic discovery services.

“Our clients need quality discovery product, but they also want to save time and money,” said Frank Canterino, CTO of Empire Discovery. “People are asking about predictive coding, especially after last week’s positive court decisions in Global Aerospace and Da Silva Moore. Adding OrcaTec’s predictive coding to our menu of services will allow our clients immediate access to the newest technology accepted by the courts, while still providing them with the service and project management they have become used to with Empire.”

“Predictive coding has become a ‘must have’ for ediscovery because it saves companies so much time and money while actually increasing review accuracy,” said Arnaud Viviers, CEO & President of OrcaTec. “Empire Discovery clearly recognizes this and, by adopting OrcaTec’s advanced technology, including predictive coding, is improving client service by giving attorneys and corporations what they are asking for.”

Empire Discovery’s predictive review service, enabled by OrcaPredict, predicts which electronic documents in a collection of documents are going to be responsive or non-responsive based on input from an expert, usually the lead attorney on the case. The automated predictive review begins with a series of random document samples from the data collection. This random sampling approach is unique among automated predictive review technologies, and reduces bias inherent in document seeding. After the expert marks several sets of random samples as responsive or non-responsive, the technology is able to “predict” which of the documents in the remainder of the set will in fact be responsive. Actual attorney reviews enabled by OrcaTec’s predictive coding technology have found that more than 90% of documents produced by the OrcaPredict predictive coding are, in fact, responsive.