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Employment report (2): Nice place you might want to work

Eclipse Legal Systems are advertising 4 new vacancies on the jobsboard. Marketing manager Darren Gower says “These are all due to expansion… the words recession, downturn and all the other doom and gloom sounds are banned here.” Here's a link

Interestingly, LexisNexis are also recruiting for new staff, particularly for their recently restructured top-tier sales division. They've already hired Kieran Walker from Aderant.

5 replies on “Employment report (2): Nice place you might want to work”

Well considering half of the people in LN Visualfiles/Axxia sales division have either left or have been made redundant, I'm not surprised they are recruiting new staff.

Have LN setup a mobile recruitment office on the ground floor of the Aderant building? 😉 That's at least 4 in the last year that I can think of.

Would that be Kieron? No surprise that after Bryan Roberts left Aderant to lead LN sales that he would eventually get hold of the team he built there – If he got Fraser Mayfield too they are building a formidable goup. This is the team that put Aderant on the map after Solution 6 sold out, putting Elite back in their box at that time. If they get hold of Simon Price the picture will be complete.

I heard he had got Fraser Mayfield, three down one to go?!

So who is the one left to go? will they turn off the lights when they leave?

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