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England out of IRIS – old news, no shock, no drama

We've been receiving reports over the weekend of supposed fresh upheavals at IRIS resulting in the departure of David England. Sorry guys but there's nothing to see, no shocks, no drama and certainly no blood on the boardroom floor, so move along please. In fact technically this is not even news as David England's departure was actually announced by IRIS Group chief executive Martin Leuw back on the 12th September. This is the wording of the announcement…

“Shortly after the merger with CS Group was announced, David England let me know in strictest confidence, that he wanted to resign from his current position, ideally once the first 100 day integration period was complete.

“As many of you will be aware, David has held senior positions within the business over the past two years, most notably as Chief Operating Officer of Computer Software Group Plc. I'd like to thank David personally for the energetic support and professionalism he has shown to me and the team during the merger and on behalf of us all within the Group wish him every success for the future. David will be stepping down from his current role on 30th September and will then be available for a period of handover.

“On the 1st October, Ian Ashby, (who will be joining us in mid-September to start the handover from David), will become the new MD of Not for Profit & Major Business Solutions, taking over responsibility for all those areas currently covered by David England.”

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The announcement doesn’t seem to make it to the news section on their website and given the whole mess of handling Vin’s departure it’s sort of déjà vu in terms of another thing gone wrong in terms of PR. It has a certain whiff again.
Wasn’t this the individual who allegedly stood for the Legal Software Suppliers Assoc chair by letter?
Having looked at the IRIS website about the above something quite interesting pops up – an interview with Martin Leuw shortly before taking over CS Group Legal, here are some extracts:
Interview with Martin Leuw – CEO IRIS Group 21st May 2007
‘IRIS has made a small number of acquisitions but in each case it has been business as usual as far as the customer is concerned. We have always chosen our acquisitions avoiding product overlap’
Er where does that put Videss, AIM, Mountain and Laserforms ?
One interesting feature of the acquisitions that IRIS has made is that the entrepreneurs behind the acquired companies stay with the merged Group. “Our culture is different from the large faceless software houses and it is an environment in which entrepreneurs can continue to thrive and realise their ambitions,” adds Leuw.
Er again where are all the founders/entrepreneurs in Videss, Mountain, AIM and Laserforms – certainly not remaining in any of those!!! Legal looks somewhat faceless now!!! Look at the list of directors involved with Legal who have departed:
Ian Knox Mountain
Steve Kendrick Mountain
Jim Chase AIM
Paul Sanderson Videss
Sonja Sanderson Videss
Barry Hawley Green Laserforms
Richard Bearpark AIM

seemed like a decent bloke though. intersting bit is the casualty rate of directors etc, could say it's like Blair in Iraq all th eright intentions but what a mess and how do you get out of it.

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