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Enoch Evans drop Solcase & Miles 33 for Pilgrim Lawsoft

Enoch Evans Solicitors has selected Lawsoft from Pilgrim Systems as a complete solution to replace its existing SolCase and Miles 33, case and practice management systems.

Enoch Evans – which provides specialist advice in the area of corporate and commercial law as well as commercial and domestic property, dispute resolution, private client and regulatory offences – was one of the longest standing users of the original Visualfiles SolCase system now owned by LexisNexis. Case management is used extensively in the day to day running of the firm and so the decision to move to a new system was not taken lightly given the reliance users have on case management technology.
The selection process was initially focused on selecting a supplier and technology that would deliver a functionally rich matter management system to the company and commercial departments as well as a leading edge case management solution to replace the legacy system. Towards the end of the firm’s due diligence, it was decided that it made sense to also replace the legacy finance system (Miles33) with LawSoft’s PMS thus deploying a single system to all users that will cater for financial, case, matter, document and marketing management.
The firm’s managing partner David Evans said, “We whittled down the list of potential suppliers to two relatively quickly. The key difference then was that Pilgrim could offer the complete solution with one technology. When we did our sums it became evident that LawSoft’s cost of ownership was very attractive when compared to servicing separate systems and multiple annual support contracts. We were looking for a supplier that would be able to provide a solution that would develop as we continued to expand our core business. We feel we have selected the best technology as well as the best financial option for the firm.”