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Epona launches DMS for Teams

US-headquartered document management solutions provider Epona has unveiled a new product that enables users to natively access SharePoint DMS data in Microsoft Teams, via a single interface.

DMSforTeams allows users to both access and collaborate on their DMS-based files through one interface. Using DMSforTeams, we’re told that users can navigate all information in one single repository from any device using any Microsoft 365 application.

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to tool for many law firms during the pandemic. However, many if not most firms are reticent about using it to its full capability, particularly around external collaboration and file sharing: Teams lacks the native provisioning necessary to ensure that documents are stored and destroyed in compliance with the relevant information governance regulation.

Epona’s senior consultant Keith Vallely said: “For CIO’s and administrators, managing security governance and provisioning becomes a lot easier with one single pane of glass management for all DMS related features in Microsoft 365.

“DMSforTeams means there are no more makeshift third party integrations necessary any longer to manage data on multiple platforms. For Law firms and Corporate Legal departments, using the Microsoft Security & Compliance solutions, both configured Data Loss Prevention and Sensitivity Labels are fully supported out-of-the-box.”

The provisioning of Teams can include also the provisioning of OneNote/Planner and other (custom) apps.

The “Files Tab” in Teams will be the Epona SharePoint DMS Library, which can be accessed directly from desktop applications such as Outlook and Word, as well as mobile devices, and through SharePoint directly in a browser.