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Event clashes ahoy !

For the last decade we've been familiar with the frequent LegalTech New York + Legal IT Show London calendar clashes in early February. However from 2011 it looks like this problem has been solved, with LegalTech remaining at its traditional time of late January/early February (apparently it is timed to coincide with the Superbowl – some kind of American sporting event involving lots of men in protective clothing running around in ever-decreasing circles – next year it is 31 Jan to 2nd Feb) while Legal IT  moves to 1st & 2nd March. This should also avoid the problem of heavy snow blighting the second day of the London show as it has done in the past.

So, hooray. No, hang on… the new Legal IT Show dates overlap with the ARK Group Lex 2011 event which was provisionally scheduled for 2 & 3 March. We have asked ARK for clarification on the date – and we see the date no longer appears on the website for the event.

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Actually the Superbowl is large Americans in padded clothes running into each other. A bit like rugby union but nowhere near as hard and only played by …americans.

AMerican – English translations…
Football = not
International = American, plus either Canada or Mexico
Global = still only American, but big

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