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Events News: DocsCorp take the ILTA Roadshow model to Europe

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) has announced details of what it hopes will become a regular fixture on the legal technology events calendar across the UK and Europe.

The ILTA Roadshow, which has proved such a success in the States, is designed as an educational vehicle, supporting ILTA’s core aim of being a quality content provider to the legal profession. Each individual Roadshow consists of a number of dates, with a partner vendor delivering a peer-reviewed educational session on its particular area of expertise. The events are free, and are open to both ILTA members and non-members.

First up is DocsCorp, with President Dean Sappey offering the latest thinking on document collaboration, PDF usage, PDF technology options, changing court requirements, and tips and tricks to improve productivity and cost savings.

The ILTA/DocsCorp Roadshow schedule is:

17th February – Copenhagen
18th February – London
19th February – Manchester
20th February – Edinburgh
21st February – Bristol

ILTA Program Director Peggy Wechsler is keen to see the Roadshow concept replicate its Stateside success on this side of the Atlantic. “It’s a case of spreading the word to both the legal and vendor communities that an ILTA event can be relied upon for its educational value – and that there’s a great opportunity because of it. If people think they will learn something rather than be sold to, why not take advantage of a free event that allows for some informal networking too? And if vendors deliver the right content, they will secure a much better level of engagement than they would if they were just there for the hard sell. Any vendor who feels they could partner with us in this way should get in touch as we’re keen to connect with and support suppliers in the UK as we look to drive our brand over here.”

COMMENT: Please note that Copenhagen is not part of the UK – it is in Denmark – and cannot be reached by any of the extensions to the Jubilee Line. Please also note that Denmark’s currency is the Krone – not the €uro.