Bond Pearce and Dickinson Dees have agreed to merge, as of 1st May 2013, when the new Aberdeen-to-Plymouth by way of Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds, London and Southampton firm will open for business as Bond Dickinson with a combined turnover of £95 million. But, what are the implications in terms of legal IT?

In the normal turn of events, when it comes to software conflicts (Firm X uses Brand A for PMS whereas Firm Y uses Brand B) the larger firm usually wins – because it is the cheaper option to swapout a smaller number of licences from one firm, than to replace all the licences and retrain the staff in the larger firm. However with the Bond Pearce + Dickie Dees merger, both firms are broadly similar in terms of size and revenues, so software choices are going to be more competitive. So what is up for grabs?

Bond Pearce run Aderant Expert as their PMS where Dickinson Dees are on Elite Lawsoft (aka the Pilgrim system). On the otherhand, both firms use Elite products for case and matter management – Mattersphere at Bond Pearce and Lawsoft at Dickinson Dees. Bonds have had Aderant  for 5 years, they were previously on Miles 33.

What else is up for grabs? Not document management as both firms use HP iManage however with digital dictation it is going to be a head-to-head with Bond Pearce in the Bighand camp and Dickie Dees on Winscribe. It’s also a similar story for CRM – Bond’s use LexisNexis Interaction whereas Dickinson Dees use Hubbard One (another part of the Thomson Reuters Elite camp).

May the best sales team win – and remember, you have nothing to loose but your commissions.