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Ex-IRIS manager launches start-up to meet IT needs of High Street firms

UK legal IT industry newcomer Insight Legal today announced the launch of a new and affordable software package for the legal market. The Accounts and Practice Management system provides a flexible solution and an innovative approach to law firms looking for reliable software from a committed supplier.
Insight Legal is brought to market by former AlphaLAW Technical Director Tim Smith. Having been responsible for the design and development of all the Windows-based AlphaLAW Solicitors’ systems until 2009 and also having spent a period of time as a Development Manager for IRIS Legal Solutions, Smith brings 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise to Insight Legal software.
Smith says the UK legal industry consists of more than 14,000 Solicitors’ firms and legal organisations, with many suppliers in the market who claim to meet the needs of those firms. In reality, many of those suppliers have gone through substantial periods of consolidation and change, and are now no longer meeting the needs of an ever changing market. “Large software suppliers inevitably target large law firms. Their systems are designed at enterprise level and often scaled down to meet the rest of the market on a ‘one size fits all’ model. They may also deal in smaller systems, but these are predictably not their primary focus. In many cases, the smaller systems are simply ‘maintained’ and customers continue paying for software which sees little in terms of development and change.”
According to Smith, once a practice implements its software, the annual maintenance and support charge which firms pay year on year becomes part of the funding which underpins future development. Inevitably, annual support charges rise – even though many firms find that the number of system updates they receive diminishes. Insight Legal is different, offering a clear published product roadmap, regular software releases and a genuine commitment to the current and future requirements of small and medium sized legal businesses, this is a new company which is clear in its focus.
The benefit of 20 years of experience in dealing with firms of varying sizes is a deep understanding of what law firms need. Tim Smith explained: “The reality is that any law firm outside of the top 1000 is just as likely – if not more so – to require software that meets their individual needs. At Insight Legal we have these firms at the centre of our thinking and our design processes. We are committed to meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations, both now and in the future.” He adds that Insight Legal also brings a desire to embrace new technologies, which has led to the development of software that can operate both in and outside of the Cloud. This is without relying on Terminal Services to relocate legacy applications to a data centre and calling it a 'Cloud' solution.
Insight Legal also offers:
· A variety of training options, including courses run out-of-hours and in short, manageable sessions
· Support which is available immediately; either online, by email or by telephone
· A published product roadmap and regular releases
· Reassurance of absolute commitment to the future development of the product

In addition to the intuitive functionality and the benefits of having the system available at any place and any time, the most substantial advantage has to be cost. Prices start from £50.00 per month. For a limited time, new customers are also offered the first three months for free, a free data migration and the first two hours of training also free. All of this is offered with no long term commitment.
It is well known that once a firm has established itself with a software supplier, the process of moving can be lengthy, sometimes risky and almost always expensive. Insight Legal has designed software with migration in mind, with the process being quick, reliable and inexpensive. In addition to a low cost data migration, the software itself can be set up, trained and maintained at a low monthly cost, with the need for substantial upfront costs being eliminated completely.
With the initial release approaching completion, Insight is in the process of speaking to early adopters and is committed to its first users going live during November/December of 2011. Any firms interested in becoming an Insight Early Adopter and taking advantage of the exceptional offers and benefits which this entails should contact Tim Smith at Insight Legal on 01252 518939 of via

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This is quite literally exactly what I was talking about in an earlier post on cloud technologies; the Orange Rag appears to be somekind of 'magical wish maker come true' machine. Fantastic, will be dropping them a line…

Congratulations Tim, I am sure you'll make a great sucess of the new venture.
Great guy !!

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