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Exterro expands integrations with enterprise IT Systems to unify management of ediscovery

Exterro Inc has expanded its enterprise IT systems integrations with the Exterro Fusion® e-discovery suite. With 40+ adapters currently available, Exterro now offers out-of-box integrations with the popular enterprise IT systems ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) and VMware Zimbra. The expanded integrations are specifically designed to support global corporations looking to bring cost predictability and control to all phases of e-discovery management with a single, unified platform..

“Complex e-discovery and big data management require handling large ESI volumes from a wide range of data sources,” said Ted Gary, senior product marketing manager at Exterro. “The newest adapters available for the Exterro Fusion platform represent our continued innovation of and commitment to meeting our clients’ requirements to extract value from their existing enterprise IT systems as part of their e-discovery implementations.”

Unifying E-Discovery on a Single Platform

According to the 2012 Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software, enterprises are moving towards e-discovery implementations that deliver full EDRM functionality. Exterro Fusion delivers this full functionality with seamless integrations via the Fusion Integration Hub in three key areas:

• IT Infrastructure – HR, asset management, matter management, single sign-on, Lightweight Discovery Access Protocol (LDAP) and other critical IT systems ensures users are alerted when key changes occur in other systems.
• Data Sources – Exterro Fusion’s ESI connectors facilitate inspection and searching of files and metadata to help evaluate collection efforts and locate responsive ESI.
• EDRM Tools – Full-featured, bi-directional adapters, architected with partners, enable closed-loop integrations with EDRM tools, such as collection and multi-party review.

Exterro’s newest adapters further advance this functionality with the following:

IT Asset Management: ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Exterro Fusion now offers an out-of-the box adaptor for ServiceNow ITAM, a popular, cloud-based system that maintains extensive attribute information about custodial and non-custodial data sources, such as email, share drives, archives, desktops and laptops. Through the integration, asset information stored in ServiceNow ITAM is automatically harvested and uploaded into Exterro Fusion, reducing the risk of missing potentially relevant evidence.

Collaboration – VMware Zimbra – Enterprise collaboration applications manage email, address books, calendars and chat logs that frequently contain ESI relevant to discovery. Exterro Fusion now includes a data connector to assess and collect ESI stored in Zimbra, an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution.

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