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Farrer & Co swap out Axxia for Aderant

Aderant has just announced that Farrer & Co has selected Aderant Expert as its new practice management system, to replace its incumbent LexisNexis Axxia software.

7 replies on “Farrer & Co swap out Axxia for Aderant”

So normal service resumed then i.e. Axxia lose another site. It would appear that if you're Lexis Nexis your press releases are about existing Axxia sites upgrading and no new business wins, now I wonder why that is?

Has any firm actually purchased DNA as a swap out from another system or are all DNA users upgrades from older Axxia systems?

So is this suggesting that Buy-Outs have a bad affect on product sales?
Iris Legal seem to be losing Mountain and Videss users al of the place.

It doesn't surprise me. The DNA oppressive sales orientated pitches and discounts for quick purchases all gave me the impression of desperation, corporate ideals and sales targets over quality of product and client care. Shame because it's not a bad product but I chose to avoid it.

As a former Axxia customer I really do not understand why they took the decison to shelve Desktop. It the last few releases before the bullet, they put in some good additions. Had they rewritten Desktop in .NET and extended the workflow capability they would not be in this mess -instead they decided to try to pick the pockets of customers who had already bought and who already paid for support contracts. Not everyone wants to be forced onto another law firm's preferences.
I hope the one or two big customers are worth the loss of so may SME sized firms. Or in fact I don't care about them anymore with their arrogant “upgrade or die” approach.

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