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February issue of Legal IT Insider is out now

The February 2013 issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now – you can download the digital edition free of charge.

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (February 2013, issue 261) – which also incorporates our UK, American and APAC Legal Technology Insider newsletters. DOWNLOAD HERE

Our next issue will be out on Wednesday 20 March 2013.

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Top stories include:

• Who’s in & who’s out: all February’s wins, deals, swapouts & rollouts in the UK + US + EMEA + APAC regions including more HP iManage DMS wins – clearly nobody cares about the Autonomy rumours

• BigHand slips some killer apps in version 4.4

• Why Nuance has a cunning plan for Equitrac and Copitrak

• CPA Global buys First-to-File as IP goes paperless

• We have a Special Reader Offer on our LawTech Futures event in London

• Picture it settled – if you use artificial intelligence in negotiations

• Bradford & Barthel spins off Spherical Models consultancy

• Fresh on the Radar – new suppliers and new products

• News about the latest iteration of the Insider Top 200 chart plus introducing our new look website

• Latest product launches + channel news + ediscovery news + all the latest hires & people news

• We’ve also got Dilbert on the perils of HR allocation plus Neil Renfrew says there’s still a role for greybeards plus vital statistics – 30 miles of Traveling Coaches