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February issue of Legal Technology Insider (UK & EMEA edition) out now

The February issue of the Insider newsletter is out now. One story we think will stir up interest is the news that Workshare is end-of-lifing its DeltaView redliner product AND now working with ABBYY to add PDF functionality to the next version of its Workshare Professional system – the successor product to DeltaView. Cue DocsCorp and other competitors saying 'but we already offer that now'.

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Come on Charles, Workshare has done PDF for years, it was a major reason why we continue to stay with them! I'm never someone to avoid a crack at something new, but I've heard Docscorp have limited functionality while Workshare keep delivering the stuff my firm needs. A few of us saw their latest roadmap a couple of weeks ago, and it's seriously impressive. I reckon it's DocsCorp who are the “me too” bods!

I'm sure that should have been …
“working with ABBYY to add (even more) PDF functionality to the next version of its Workshare Professional system”
Both Workshare and DocsCorp do PDF well, with probably an 80% overlap. It's up to the punters to figure the inportance of the USP 20% …

Since when was PDF the format of choice? It's a necessary bit player in the document production process, and we all wish we didn't have to bother.
DocsCorp have been trying afor 2 years to make significant headway against WorkShare with their much poorer comparison tool. That was a me-too if ever there was one – and it has failed.
Where they've won it's been because of WorkShare's arrogance – they have the best tools and have an unfortunate tendency to show that they know it. Give them credit, though, they are improving rapidly.

The document comparison industry has changed significantly in the last two years and I think most people would agree for the better—law firms around the world now have a choice! Previously there was none and certainly this was reflected in the pricing.
Jan, contrary to what you may have heard, DocsCorp provides law firms with extensive capability and functionality in PDF management, document comparison, PDF form creation and editing, OCR imaging, CD Bibles and metadata management. All its products integrate with the leading Document Management Systems out of the box.
A combination of unique functionality, workflow efficiency, systems integration and a commitment to customer service have seen DocsCorp grow significantly over the past couple of years winning many of the world’s top law firms as customers.
We will continue to develop products that meet the requirements of the legal profession and to provide customer service that exceeds expectation.

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