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Field Fisher Waterhouse get a Second Life

Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP has become the first major law
firm to open an office in Second Life, a virtual 3D
Second Life was created by US company Linden Labs in 2003 and is one of
the fastest growing virtual worlds. There are currently over 5
million users resident in Second Life alone and the combined real money
value of the major virtual economies now exceeds the GDP of many nation
states. This value is built around the creation, acquisition and
trading of goods and services within Second Life and increasingly into
the physical world.
Second Life is already home to companies like ABN Amro, the BBC, Calvin
Klein, Dominos Pizza and Sony as well as virtual versions of major
shopping and entertainment venues, political campaigns, universities,
charities, and other not-for-profit organisations.


Field Fisher Waterhouse has a top tier media and technology
practice and opening an office in Second Life reflects the firm's
position advising clients at the cutting edge of online commerce and
digital technology. David Naylor,
the FFW technology partner leading the project
said: “Virtual worlds offer a compelling environment for communication
and collaboration, as well as an important commercial distribution
channel. By establishing a Second Life presence, we're able to
interact in new and engaging ways with our clients and the wider
community. Businesses are moving increasingly rapidly into Second Life
and other 3D internet environments and their advisers should be there
with them.”


Technical notes…


How to access 'Second Life' 3D virtual world
– join Second Life free at: Download the application at: System requirements are here:


Once in Second Life, search for 'Field Fisher Waterhouse' or click the following shortcut link:

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These people must be making far too much money to be focussed on something like, er, core business. Or maybe even their clients' best interests.

Most of us are far too busy in our first life to waste valuable time and resources in a second life.

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