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Field Fisher Waterhouse selects Winscribe for BPM platform

Field Fisher Waterhouse has signed an enterprise licence for the Winscribe Business Process Management solution across an initial 700 users.  Winscribe has been involved in the legal workflow sector – initially with digital dictation – for 15 years and have expanded their expertise to include solutions that directly assist legal customers in their efforts to streamline business issues such as File Reviews and Complaints Procedures.

Maurice Tunney, Head of IT Solutions for Field Fisher Waterhouse says, “We are a forward thinking firm who have always tried to embrace technology in order to make our processes work better and faster, and are deploying Winscribe BPM initially to streamline our Client Matter Intake. The Winscribe BPM solution fits very well with our existing products and will give us the flexibility to develop our own workflows for any other process we wish to automate or simplify going forward”.