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FindLaw introduces Contact Advisor

FindLaw has introduced Contact Advisor, an innovative contact management dashboard that features advanced analytic capabilities and tools to simplify the client-screening process for law firms and attorneys. Contact Advisor enables law firms to easily and efficiently evaluate, manage and communicate with potential clients.

The patent-pending solution is a core component of FindLaw’s Conversion Solutions suite, which offers a24/7, online staffed web chat service that alerts law firms about potential clients who visit the firm’s website. Using the details provided by site visitors from their web chats, Contact Advisor allows lawyers to:

View information and demographic data to help estimate prospect case value;
Read email forms and web chat transcripts;
View email and web chat analytics;
Manage and categorize contacts; and
Communicate with prospects via email.

“Contact Advisor is an innovative solution for attorneys because it offers a tremendous amount of information in an easy-to-read format,” said Jim Schonrock, senior director of Product Management at FindLaw. “It provides attorneys information on prospect demographics and potential case value so they can quickly evaluate and make an informed decision about a lead, which historically has been a very difficult and time-consuming process for law firms.”

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