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FindLaw opens for business in the UK + Q&A

FindLaw, which is part of the Thomson Reuters organisation and describes itself as “the world's leading free legal website for consumers and businesses” this week announced the launch of FindLaw UK – a one-stop website for individuals and businesses in the UK seeking information on legal topics and solicitors. FindLaw UK also offers Contact Law, a free referral service that connects people with recommended solicitors who can provide legal advice. Contact Law already has a searchable database of 5000 pre-screened solicitors located throughout the UK.

In addition, FindLaw has also launched FirmSites UK, a service that builds custom-designed websites for smaller and mid-size law firms. The site offers a wide selection of tools, such as multimedia, social media and search engine optimization that can be used to meet a firm’s online marketing objectives.

So far, so good so we then asked FindLaw some questions…

Rag: Isn't this story really just Findlaw boldly going where LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell has gone before – and in the UK that is pretty much nowhere?

FindLaw: FindLaw has a proven track record as the largest developer of custom websites for law firms in the world. Unlike other providers, we offer both custom-built sites that meet the specific needs of each customer, as well as templated website designs. Our aim is to provide solutions for varying needs and budgets. In addition, ContactLaw, which we acquired last year and is an integral part of the FindLaw UK website, has already proven successful, with more than 5000 solicitors participating across the UK.

Rag: These types of sites have been available (from the Law Society among others) for the best part of a decade, so I'd be interested in knowing why FindLaw has chosen to wait till now?

FindLaw: While we have built a very successful model for developing law firm websites in the US, we wanted to wait until we had the appropriate infrastructure and understanding of the unique needs of UK solicitors and their clients. We feel at this point of time we can offer the services that can help make solicitors more successful in their practice. 

Rag: Also, how does FindSites fit in with Hubbard One – which is offering similar website development services?

FindLaw: Hubbard One and FindLaw complement each other within our (Thomson Reuters) Business of Law division. Hubbard One provides website development and other business development services, primarily for larger law firms, while FindLaw provides website abd client development services for firms of all sizes and budgets, including small and mid-sized firms.

Rag: And, will have a more rigorous editorial policy that the US service which hit a PR disaster earlier this year when it was accused of running spam blogs? For full background story follow these links +

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If you read the comments on those two links, you will see a former FindLaw employee talks about drinking the corporate Kool-Aid.

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