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Firm turns to Pilgrim to help with volcanic ash trail

City based aerospace and commercial firm Gates & Partners has purchased the pioneering LawSoft graphical Rapid Application Development (RAD) module to develop a specialist tool for claims related to the Iceland volcano ash cloud phenomenon.
Partner Paul Freeman comments “In due course this tool will have a much broader application across the firm but initially it is being designed to assist us with the significant flow of claims we have been dealing with in relation to the Ash Cloud. LawSoft’s workflow application will enable us to process these claims quickly and efficiently, making substantial time savings for both the firm and our clients.”
Pilgrim’s COO Colin Kennedy added “Gates & Partners’ innovative use of LawSoft’s RAD capabilities is an excellent illustration of the flexibility of our software. The graphical nature of this module allows firms to quickly map out and deploy workflow orientated applications to users.”

One reply on “Firm turns to Pilgrim to help with volcanic ash trail”

It will be fine unless the ash resticts the view to the graphical tool!

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