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First Advantage enhances document review technology

First Advantage Litigation Consulting today announced a new release of its proprietary document review technology: Global RPM Version 5.0 which integrates Nexidia for audio review and Content Analyst for technology-assisted review and also includes enhancements to its data analytics capabilities and user interface.

“The addition to Global RPM of audio and technology-assisted review capabilities greatly expands our ability to solve some of the most frustrating challenges faced by our clients: streamlining the review process and lowering total costs,” said Andy Macdonald, CEO of First Advantage Litigation Consulting. “Nexidia and Content Analyst are recognized industry leaders, and our development team has worked closely with them to create a seamless platform for review teams. With our project management expertise and global footprint, Global RPM 5.0 enables us to deliver a superior service experience to our corporate and law firm clients.”

Heightened regulatory requirements have caused audio data to become increasingly significant in eDiscovery and courts have begun to issue adverse inference instructions in connection with companies’ failure to preserve voicemail and other ESI. With the launch of Global RPM 5.0, First Advantage has fully integrated Nexidia’s phonetic search indexing features into its review platform, delivering a consistent experience to reviewers regardless of the type of data involved.

Through its Content Analyst partnership, First Advantage strengthens its technology-assisted review functionality. Near-duplication, email threading, and concept search and clustering enable clients to categorize data and significantly shorten review cycles.

Dynamic and visually rich features have also been added to the analytics engine in Global RPM 5.0.  Dashboards, timelines and enhanced statistics allow for deeper insights into the progress of reviews, resource requirements, and expected expenses. The new analytic features provide valuable information to litigation support and review teams so they can quickly assess productivity, highlight potential trouble spots and improve quality.

“These powerful new review tools will enable our project management teams, collaborating closely with our law firm and corporate partners, to solve the toughest problems in complex litigation,” said Macdonald. “Global RPM 5.0 represents an important step toward our goal of delivering the highest service levels in the industry.”

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