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First law firm signs up for Windows Phone 7

Earlier this  week Microsoft announced it had joined with more than 60 mobile operators in over 30 countries to reveal the first Windows Phone 7 handsets. A broad selection of phones will begin shipping during the run-up to Christmas/New Year holiday season with more arriving in 2011.
The global law firm SNR Denton participated in the Windows Phone 7 early adoption program and received a number of pre-release phones. The firm will soon be equipping their 1400 lawyers in 33 countries with the Windows Phone 7 operating system to keep everyone connected to their clients. With features like a touch screen keyboard, a calendar function, and a seamless link to the Microsoft Office Outlook messaging and collaboration client, the firm’s attorneys can be more productive, and they can maintain contact with their clients from anywhere at any time.
Michael Barnas, director of application services, SNR Denton, said “With the Windows Phone 7 device, it’s as easy and as seamless as using Outlook with all the features, all the functions that you would expect in a robust email environment. It just beats the competition how it works out of the box. Without question, the improvements we saw in Outlook on the devices would make our attorneys not only more productive, but more connected with their clients.”
Here's a video of SNR Denton’s Barnas using the Windows Phone 7 (the clip uses Silverlight)…