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Florida firm selects Elite 3E

Greenspoon Marder PA, a Florida-based boutique law firm has announced its decision to upgrade its financial and practice management platform to Elite 3E. The firm’s investment in 3E’s leading-edge technology supports its mission to provide the personalized client service of a boutique firm coupled with the experience and technology of the largest firms.

“3E’s built-in reporting and business intelligence capabilities will allow us to deliver real-time information directly to our attorneys’ desktops,” said Gerald Greenspoon, co-managing partner of Greenspoon Marder. “We will now be able to provide our clients with the information they need in a more timely and accurate manner.” The firm's management was also attracted to 3E’s combination of integrated workflow, collaboration and development capabilities. “3E will help streamline our internal processes and provides us with a flexible growth platform for the future,” added Michael Marder, co-managing partner. “After a rigorous evaluation process, we decided that Elite is the right long-term partner for our firm.”Formed in late 1970’s, Greenspoon Marder has six locations throughout Florida with 75 lawyers on staff.

Comment: The Orange Rag blog hears this deal came down to a two horse race between Elite and Aderant. The contract was actually signed on the Elite booth at LegalTech New York earlier this week.

4 replies on “Florida firm selects Elite 3E”

Hi, i'm interested to know why 3E's reporting and business intelligence, and workflow is better than Aderants?

Good question. Any Elite acolytes out there care to preach?

It's interesting to see that a 75 attorney firm now becomes a battle ground for Elite and Aderant and deserving of all this publicity.

A brief article on a blog site is hardly “all this publicity”, but I'm sure is welcomed none the less by both Aderant and Elite. From Elite's perspective I imagine the real news is not this firm specifically, rather the ongoing news of Elite wins demonstrating both that law firms are beginning to reinvest after the downturn (which is good for all vendors), and obviously for Elite that they seem for the most part to be selecting 3E.
In answer to the previous post 3E's reportiing and workflow capabilities are embedded within the application and may be built via the development environment provided with the application. Elite's message is that this capacity to build reports and workflow directly within the application rather than having to rely on integrating 3rd party tools reduces the effort, complexity and cost of deploying reporting and workflows.

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