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Former Elite VP Dan Tacone joins IntApp as president

IntApp* has just announced that Dan Tacone has joined the company as its new president. We last encountered Tacone at Elite user conference in Las Vegas three years ago, when he was the company's senior VP & general manager. He remained in this position until March 2009, when he moved into another role within the Thomson Reuters Legal Business.

IntApp has also expanded its team in the UK with the recruitment of James Miller, previously a project manager with Bighand. Miller will be working on implementation and related projects for IntApp's growing UK customer base.

* IntApp provide a portfolio of a software products that connect and centrally manage legal applications to increase
attorney billability, ensure client confidentiality and maximize staff productivity.

2 replies on “Former Elite VP Dan Tacone joins IntApp as president”

Lots of us still left. Dan was one of the last senior guys after the takeover by Thomson and then the merger with Reuters. And probably made a lot of money out of it. As did loads of other people from other companies.
Not really a story.

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