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Fox Williams outsource IT with Tikit

Tikit has just announced the signing of a three year contract with London law firm Fox Williams LLP to outsource all IT support and service functions. Under this agreement, Tikit will provide Fox Williams with a fully managed service support desk, technical 3rd line infrastructure support, ‘Out of Hours’ user support, IT training and IT directorial consultancy. This service commenced on Monday 14th June.

Jeremy Gubbay, Chief Operating Officer at Fox Williams said “We have been impressed by the way that Tikit have supported us over the last year, and we are looking forward to benefiting from the expertise of a large IT-led organisation. Tikit are a company with many resources that we can take advantage of, while their benchmarking process will ensure that our IT organisation and standards are comparable with, or exceed those of our competitors. A prime example of this is the provision of ‘Out of Hours’ cover and continuous back fill, which requires a level of resource that we currently do not have available”.

Derek Kindercliff-Jones, Head of Managed Services at Tikit, explained “Fox Williams is a dynamic, forward-looking City law firm, and we are proud to be working so closely with them to provide a complete, scaleable and dependable IT service. We have been working with Fox Williams since June 2009, providing infrastructure advice and support to their onsite IT team. We have all worked together to develop a sound working relationship, and it's great to have the opportunity to extend this partnership into the complete outsourcing package. Our experience in legal support services, and the resources we have available, make Tikit ideally suited to provide complete contractual services of this nature. We look forward to providing Fox Williams not just with a first-class day-to-day service and IT management, but with long-term strategic and implementation services to support their growth”.

9 replies on “Fox Williams outsource IT with Tikit”

If you're going to outsource, find yourself an Indian IT firm with a group of PhDs working for peanuts. This is a mistake.

Bloody hell.
I am glad I don't work for you and I hope for your sake your own boss isn't planning on outsourcing you to someone paid peanuts. Perhaps we could save even more money and get some child labour as well.

I don't know what you means. They will get a broader service providings than their current providings and probably for much longerings and fasterings.

A friend (in another industry) recently received a mailing that said “Are you having problems with suppliers who's first langauge is not English? We are hear to help you?” …CC

Well done Tikit. Not so well done Fox Williams – sadly your product and supplier independance is now compromised. Good luck FW, you'll need it.

But looking on the bright side, Fox Williams now have more time to focus on providing legal services to high professional standards rather than sidetrack resource in the “Me too” world of legal IT.

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