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Fox Williams returns to Planet Workshare – revised

Fox Williams has switched back to Workshare. preferring the Workshare Professional 5.2SR3 product over that of its incumbent Docscorp offering. Frank Boening, EMEA VP at Workshare said they were delighted to have Fox Williams back as a customer. “The current trend of firms returning to Workshare along with a renewal rate of over 93% is a testament to how hard we have worked to turn things around. We are very proud to partner with Fox Williams again and look forward to working together for many years to come.

Fox Williams COO Jeremy Gubbay said “Workshare has worked extremely hard over the past few years improving the quality, reliability and performance of Workshare Professional. Our lawyers and secretaries are very happy to once again have the best comparison tool in the market.”

Comment: What is interesting here is not that Fox Williams have gone back to Workshare after initially defecting to Docscorp (with the firm's IT outsourced to Workshare's legal market partner Tikit, this is not a surprise) but the fact the rise of Docscorp has so clearly rattled Workshare that they need to focus on win-backs. Maybe Workshare should just do what Bighand did with nFlow and buy-out their peskiest competitor?

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Pesky indeed and rumour has it DocsCorp is about to get a serious injection of sales talent.

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