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Freeth Cartwright renew outsourcing deal with Quiss

Regional law firm Freeth Cartwright LLP has reappointed incumbent IT outsourcing specialist Quiss Technology as a result of a successful working relationship spanning more than a decade. The new contract is signed as Freeth Cartwright LLP looks to install new infrastructure worth more than £1.5 million for more than 500 seats. The investment will ensure partners and their teams have access to the most innovative technology with which to offer excellent levels of service to clients across a range of business sectors including leisure, energy, manufacturing, retail and transport.

The contract also includes the installation of a virtualised network, offering improved efficiency across the firm’s nine offices located in London, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Stoke, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Manchester.  The ‘Works’ package – Quiss’ total IT outsourcing solution which is tailored for individual clients – means existing applications will be upgraded to integrate with the new infrastructure. Quiss technicians will remain on site throughout the installation to ensure compatibility tests are completed and staff are fully trained on the new systems and equipment. Laptops and tablets will be made secure via robust encryption tools to protect confidential case management systems – crucial to the trust relationship required between solicitors and their clients.

Peter Smith, Chief Executive of Freeth Cartwright LLP, said: “Our firm has grown substantially over the last ten years and Quiss has been with us all the way. We’ve said before that our partnership with them has enabled us to revolutionise the way we do business – this remains true to this day. We need to know how changing technological advancements can help us not only lead to efficiencies internally but also how they can help us add value to our clients. Our relationship with Quiss allows us to do that well.”

The first contract signed between Quiss and Freeth Cartwright LLP was back in 2001; with a remit to bring consistency across the firm. With outdated infrastructure and an IT team which had seen a number of personnel changes, this rapidly-expanding law firm needed a stable and knowledgable IT provision with the expertise to install and modernise systems and train staff across all office locations. Since then, Quiss has guided the firm through numerous challenges and issues – including an office flood – with little or no downtime.

Quiss Managing Director, Andy Michael, said: “We’ve been awarded this latest contract as testament to many years of excellent client service. Quiss has a simple but effective ethos – excel in the day-to-day technical IT provision and remember that the client relationship is absolutely key. It’s so important to not just provide a team that are experts in their field but that we maintain regular client contact. It’s this formula that has led to us retaining clients for many, many years. We’re an integral part of our client’s business and we understand how they operate and what works best for them. This way we can offer real value and solve any potential issues as soon as they arise.”

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