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French-Canadian firm goes with Bighand DDS

BigHand today announced that Montreal-based Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon LLP (LRMM), one of the largest independent law firms in Quebec, has completed their firmwide roll-out of the BigHand solution to 145 users, helping the firm save “tens of thousands of dollars” on an annual basis by eliminating expensive equipment replacement costs. 

LRMM’s IT Director Steve Rosati said “The initial motivation to do the project came from a combination of the astronomical costs to replace and repair the analog devices and the long turnaround times for creating a document. We reviewed the market and looked at a number of vendors before choosing BigHand. The availability of a French Canadian language version of the product and the strength of their mobility offering, combined with their track record in the Canadian legal market, meant BigHand was by far the best solution to meet our needs.” (BigHand offers a French Canadian version of its software, something that is not commonly found amongst digital dictation vendors …CC)

In addition to the core enterprise digital dictation workflow solution, the firm also implemented BigHand’s mobility application for BlackBerry Smartphones, giving lawyers the ability to send in dictations remotely and instantly access office based support staff. Mr. Rosati described the benefits the firm has seen as a result of the BigHand Smartphone application “This has been a huge success for our firm and extremely well received by the lawyers. They are able to track when a dictation has been completed, giving them peace of mind that client needs are being addressed. The secretaries have also quickly taken to the BigHand system, benefiting in particular from receiving dictations one at a time, making it easier for them to prioritize their work, and ensuring urgent tasks are performed first. The end result of implementing BigHand has been the improved turnaround times in getting a document created.”

Luc Mailhot, Executive Director for LRMM, has seen major improvements in the overall workflow and efficiencies for the firm since implementing BigHand. “Our firm’s mission is to take a proactive approach to working with our clients. This includes making sure we control costs and service our clients in a timely manner. BigHand has helped us do both of these things. By moving away from an antiquated technology we have been able to eliminate unnecessary costs and improve the overall way we get documents out to clients. BigHand has become a key part of our firm’s operation.”