Following the popularity of this video, we have decided to enter it in our Legal Industry Video Awards (this will be Entry #13) in Category 5 : Legal or Vendor Informational Video of the Year Award – designed to educate & inform external audiences, such as clients, customers & prospects, on current trends, developments and issues.

Disruption, disruption, disruption everywhere. You can’t move these days without law firms and legal IT vendors talking about disruptive innovations however in this LexisNexis Business of Law white board video (which runs under five minutes) Christopher T. Anderson argues that “The debate misses the real point. Disruption does not come from industry. Disruption will not come from law firms. Disruption comes, and is already coming, from our customers.” Chris neatly sums it up  in the last sentence “This is not the end of lawyers but it just might be the end of lawyering as we know it.”