The FT has – somewhat bravely, we’d suggest – selected a top 10 of legal business technologists and some of our favourite people are in there, although there are also people that we would have included who are missing. Congratulations to Alistair Maiden, chief executive and founder of Syke, on being selected as the winner!

Alistair Maiden

The criteria for entries were people who provide “answers to operational challenges at the intersection of tech and data”.

According to the FT, all 10 had something exceptional to commend them, but the judges, chaired by FT special reports editor Leyla Boulton, felt that since setting up Syke in 2016, Maiden had “most comprehensively served the intersection of law, business and tech to solve companies’ real world problems.” The profile compiled by RSG and FT editors, adds: “He quit his big company career to focus on helping a wide range of corporate clients adopt legal technology that is the future for lawyers worldwide.”

Here is the rest of the list and we’re pleased to see a good number of women among them:

Haley Altman

Chief executive and founder, Doxly

Catherine Bamford

Founder and legal engineer, BamLegal

Jason Boehmig

Chief executive and founder, Ironclad

Merlie Calvert

Chief executive and founder, Farillio

Nick Conway

Director, Forensic (financial advisory), Deloitte Global

Richard Mabey

Co-founder and chief executive and founder, Juro

Tim Pullan

Chief executive and founder, ThoughtRiver

Basha Rubin

Chief executive and co-founder, Priori Legal

James Thomas

Head of legal technology and innovation, KPMG

You can read the FT article with more details on the winners here:

Who would you have included in this list? Perhaps we should create our own, but extend it to a top 15 or 20.