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FTI Consulting announces availability of Ringtail 8.2

FTI Consulting Inc today announced that its FTI Technology business practice is launching version 8.2 of its global Ringtail e-discovery software. The easy-to-use software offers numerous new features to reduce the cost of e-discovery, including fully integrated visual analytics to support faster and more accurate legal reviews for global corporate and law firm Ringtail users.

“For those of us who have used Ringtail and other review tools in litigation, enhancements such as an improved user interface, a master repository, and advanced analytics are significant, and we think FTI is smart to focus on these features in the latest version of Ringtail,” said David Horrigan, Analyst for E-Discovery and Information Governance at 451 Research. “Even the most robust review tool is of little value if attorneys find it difficult to use, making the UI a critical feature. In addition, a master repository is an important asset for corporate legal departments’ cross-matter management needs, and advanced analytics make the entire e-discovery process more efficient when locating electronic evidence for court proceedings.”

Using Ringtail software, e-discovery teams at corporations and law firms can take very large data sets, run sophisticated search queries, and then securely automate the review workflow. With a redesigned and fully integrated Document Mapper interface, reviewers can easily toggle between list views and visualization features for more efficient reviews. Ringtail 8.2 further speeds e-discovery through new tools and usability shortcuts including customizable color-coding of key concepts, coding hints, enhanced “find similar” features and more robust production capabilities.

Ringtail’s ability to handle matters with tens of millions of documents, as well as advanced analytics features, empowers current Ringtail clients to achieve greater productivity and cost savings, including:

·       Multi-Matter Repository: Ringtail’s scale and flexibility allows clients to create a master repository of data that has already been collected and processed. Data in the master repository can be used across multiple matters, enabling the reuse and retention of valuable attorney work product such as privilege calls while also avoiding unnecessary reprocessing of data.

·       Deposition and Trial Preparation Analytics: Ringtail’s analytic capabilities help counsel more quickly mine produced documents in order to prepare for depositions or trial.

“Our experience working with corporations on their diverse portfolios, and often on the leading edge of e-discovery issues, helps drive innovation on the Ringtail platform,” said Jessica Block, a senior managing director within the FTI Technology practice. “With Ringtail 8.2, corporations can benefit from better deposition preparation and work product reuse.”

Ringtail provides a complete e-discovery solution that combines case management and document review in a single platform. This includes powerful data analytics and visual review tools that dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of legal review. In total, Ringtail is a powerful e-discovery platform with flexible deployment options and market-leading functionality designed to dramatically increase reviewer productivity and reduce the overall costs of e-discovery.

Over the summer FTI Technology will host a series of product demonstrations for particular use cases, beginning with a webcast this morning (10:00am Pacific Time/6:00om UK time) on Strategies for Cost-Effective Review That Don’t Sacrifice Quality. To register for today’s event, please click here.

Ringtail 8.2 is now available for on-demand and on-premise clients. For more information on Ringtail 8.2 or FTI Technology, please visit