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Fulbright & Jaworski select Recommind e-discovery system

International law firm Fulbright & Jaworski has selected Recommind’s Axcelerate eDiscovery application to power its new e-discovery technology platform.  Axcelerate eDiscovery will allow Fulbright’s sizable litigation team to gain deep insight into a document collection before the review process begins, while also facilitating a far more efficient and cost-effective review process by automatically identifying, categorising and pre-coding documents based on their subject matter and importance to the case.

• Comment: has anyone else spotted that while lots of other vendors are busy making strategy announcements and/or are unveiling their plans about their plans, Recommind are quietly getting on with not only launching new products but also selling them into law firms. There has been a steady flow of wins for Recommind's MindServer search/KM system on both sides of the Atlantic and now they are moving into the e-discovery space.

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Well, RECOMMIND is a seriously good product, and one of the few truely new things in our market in some time, and Simon is a terribly nice chap and one of the Worlds true 'Gentlemen Salesmen'

Well sign up here for the Simon Price fan-club.
PS has anyone else noticed that all the Brits who featured in Aderant's ad campaign of about 3 years ago (the theme was explaining a bit more about the characters of the salesforce) have all since left the company – Simon Price, Alison Thorpe and Bryan Roberts?

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