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FWBS open Australian office

Legal software developer FWBS is launching an office in Australia. FWBS sales & marketing director Mark Craddock said “Launching an office in Australia strengthens FWBS as an international supplier. Our continued alliance with Aderant in the APAC region will also be better supported by having our own resources on the ground.

“FWBS is pleased to be building on significant MatterCentre wins that Aderant have spearheaded in the territory, including Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) and Slater & Gordon. FWBS are providing productivity gains to fee earners firm wide through MatterCentre, and this expansion into Australia will allow FWBS greater scope to support more law firms and fee earners in more territories.” 

Craddock added “With Aderant continuing to increase their PMS client base in the region, the fully developed integration between MatterCenter and Aderant Expert, provides a market leading end-to-end matter and practice management solution.”

The territory opportunity will be managed by FWBS new recruit Marin Sardelic as Australasia sales manager. Sardelic has extensive experience of the Australian legal IT scene having worked with companies such LexisNexis and Leap.

6 replies on “FWBS open Australian office”

The FWBS/Aderant partnership must be doing better in APAC than it is in the UK where it barely causes a ripple in the market. FWBS can not be doing this with the main aim to ride on the back of Aderant – they have an unwritten bigger agenda

“…Aderant continuing to increase their PMS client base in the region”? Lexis Nexis despite forcing their 'old locus' small firm clients onto Locus Affinity have lost a few but picked up a few as well and Elite have secured I believe (in my tired mind) 9 new Elite 3E clients in APAC in the past two years, 6 of whom were previously Aderant clients (and not counting mergers where Aderant firms dissolved into Elite firms and have lost none. How many new clients have Aderant secured in APAC in recent times to lend any credible weight to this statement? Does the editor of this site check for accuracy? 😉

The editor replies… despite repeated requests (including a face to face meeting with LexisNexis in Sydney) we have yet to receive news of any LexisNexis Locus wins – as for these 9 new Elite 3E clients in APAC, since September 2009 we've reported 4 of them. As for the other 5, either they are still under wraps or the author of the previous comment doesn't check their comments for accuracy.

talking about aderant wins, we have not had too many of them in EMEA recently. The man at the top must be feeling the pressure!

The firms I was referring to were Hesketh Henry, Crown Law NZ, Buddle Findlay, Crown Law QLD, M+K, A&G, LHAG, Thynne Macartney last month and just today Blake Dawson (the news leaked on this a while ago). 6 out of 9 of these were Aderant, and all of them new 3E clients in about the past two years, though A&G were an Elite Enterprise firm so not technically new for Elite. Aderant's new clients include DAS, and more recently two small firms as published here – Holman Webb and Wotton Kearney. Allens was an upgrade, if you count that too but generally a decline in Aderant client numbers both in terms of firms and licenses. Most of this info from local gossip but to my knowledge it's reasonably accurate – are there any others?

Thanks for that – no, really – we've also just received official notification of the Blake Dawson deal – full story on the blog to coincide with Thursday morning Sydney-time. – CC

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