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FWBS say: No, this is what Windows 7 is all about

We're not sure if this is the last trending topic on this year or the first trending topic of next year but FWBS has now added its thoughts on the Microsoft Windows 7 compliance etc debate…

“FWBS were again one of the first registered applications for compatibility with Windows 7. By leveraging key technologies such as Restart Manager and supporting the User Access Control features of Windows 7 has enabled a Lights Up* for customers to benefit from using Matter Centre in Windows 7. Additional features including support for Sidebar gadgets and Colour schemes to support the Office platform make the user experience more friendly. Further support for Jump Lists and other Aero UI features including touch are supported.”
(* Editors note: The lights up reference is Microsoft marketing parlance for looks nice/works well.)
It’s also worth noting that there is a formalised program for Win7 certification, so any product development plans need to be clearly implemented and take account of this statement on the Microsoft website.

The Windows platform has a broad ecosystem of products and partners that supports the platform. Displaying the Windows logo on your product represents a relationship and a shared commitment to quality between Microsoft and your company. Customers trust that seeing the Windows brand on your product ensures that it meets compatibility standards and performs well on the Windows platform.

The Windows 7 Software Logo program is made up of policies and requirements that help ensure logo’d applications are easy to install and reliable on PCs running Windows 7. The purpose of this document is to outline the technical requirements and eligibility qualifications an application must meet in order to participate in the Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program.

And this is the Windows 7 logo – which can be found on the FWBS website.