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FWBS win TSol deal to swap-out Visualfiles

FWBS has just announced that the UK's Treasury Solicitor's Department (TSol) has selected their Matter Centre product “to significantly improve” all aspects of their case management system. Here's the formal statement, comment follows…

TSol needed a solution to encompass and manage all aspects of legal case management irrespective of work type and practice area, starting with its Litigation & Employment Group on a team by team approach. TSol is the largest legal department in the Government Legal Service employing over 800 staff.  It provides legal services to a number of central government departments and other publicly funded bodies in England and Wales. The solution was selected after a comprehensive procurement process. Crucial to TSol's decision was the ability of the solution to enable it to deliver processes that ensured Lexcel requirements are adhered to, managed and reported.

Paul Jenkins, HM Procurator General & Treasury Solicitor welcomed the agreement to procure the solution and said “The Matter Centre case management system from FWBS enables us to provide more efficient services and improved information for our clients. In the future this will allow Litigation Group to simplify and change the way it delivers existing business and offer new services. It is a large investment and a major undertaking for TSol which myself and the Board believe is central to the delivery of our Towards 2012 Strategy which is to be the best for our clients, best for our people and best in the business.” Hugh Giles, Head of TSol's Litigation & Employment Group added “The case management system project is an important and key undertaking that will enable us to make more effective use of the skills we have in the Group and to achieve and demonstrate greater value for money to our clients.”

Comment: Orange Rag sources have been able to add some additional material… The project will start with a 350 seat roll-out, rising to 750 by the end of next year but with scope for being rolled out to all 1200 staff in the department. The project (which will involve the installation of and integration with an Autonomy iManage DMS and records management platform) also sees FWBS replacing an earlier LexisNexis Visualfiles system. This is the second major Visualfiles swap-out by FWBS in recent years (the other was at Browne Jacobson). The FWBS Matter Centre software will be used to provide TSol with case and matter management, document assembly and contact management functionality. It will also be integrated with TSol's internal billing system.

7 replies on “FWBS win TSol deal to swap-out Visualfiles”

Was this actually a swap-out, I heard TSol never managed to go live with Visualfiles?

That's because they never had Visualfiles and were using Solcase (old legacy system from LexisNexis Visualfiles).

I meant they apparently never went live with any software from the company called Visualfiles

Is that Visualfiles or Solicitec. So many companies with so many name it is difficult to keep up.

The Visualfiles/Soliitec solution was never deployed, despite best efforts I think both parties decided to walk away years ago. TSOL are still running on their legacy applications. Not a swap out at all but a good win for FWBS nonetheless. This will keep them busy for a while !!!

But that deal was done almost 8 years ago. What is the story behind boht parties agreeing to walk away?

Apparently the English Law Society never managed to implement its Visualfiles system either.

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